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If you are a student enrolled in the 5th year of a master's degree programme, you can start a professional internship.

The Regulations and subsequent amendments of the internship (attached) state that a pharmacist's training must include at least six months of internship and at least 900 hours of activity to be carried out at a pharmacy open to the public not included in the attached pharmacy lists, including hospital pharmacies.

Conducting the internship is essential for the achievement of the master's degree and will result in the allocation of 30 training credits as stated in the Didactic Regulations.

To carry out the internship you must carefully read the procedure described in the annex and submit the activation application to the Student Admin Office, at least 20 working days before the internship starts (excluding the day that the request was sent), in order to allow documents to be checked and the arrival of authorisation from the Department Manager.

Once the internship is complete, you must take part in an internship evalution meeting:

I SEMESTER: 24 February, 17 March, 19 May, 16 June -   1pm

II SEMESTER: 22 September, 20 October, 17 November 2022 – 1pm


You can register for the evaluation session using the VOL system, in the same way as for exam sessions.

Starting from June 2016, pursuant to art. 37 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 81/08, those who intend to carry out a Professional Internship are obliged to follow (before the start of the Internship itself) the on-line general training course on Health and Safety in the Workplace, provided by the University (see attached safety notice and information).

If you are a graduate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (Old Education System) of the DSF and you still need to carry out the practical internship of six months to access the State exam for qualification as a Pharmacist, fill in this form and remember to pay the related fee (for information contact the Student Office of the Department via UPO or by telephone on 0321 375.610).

For more information, use the UPO Risponde system.

ALL PAPERWORK (activation request, health and safety certificates, signed and stamped Work-based Diary Report, copy of the Regulations completed and signed by the pharmacist, statement of completed internship) MUST BE SENT to:

Attachments sent to this e-mail must NOT exceed 10 MBytes



It is the trainees' duty to fill in the internship assessment questionnaire before delivering the diary register; the same obligation applies to tutors.

There are two different forms, a student section and a pharmacy tutor section; you can find them attached.

For information on content and pharmacy reports/relations, contact Profs. Franco Pattarino and Fabiano Travaglia, exclusively via:

It is recommended that students who started the internship after October 1, 2021 and all students who intend to activate the internship, carefully read the contents of the attachment "Tutorial Activities" below.