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Questionnaire at end of professional internship

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Starting from March 8, 2021 for all internships (even those already started and therefore in progress) it will always be the student / trainee's duty to fill in the pre-prepared end-of-internship evaluation questionnaire as a necessary document for the purpose of the internship report. Therefore, upon delivery of the diary-register, students / trainees must have completed the questionnaire.

There is an equivalent form designed to obtain the opinion of the pharmacy tutors and it is the student's responsibility to ensure that also this form has been completed by their pharmacy tutors.

Completion of the forms involves an automatic notification to the student office; therefore, upon delivery of the booklet, the admin office will verify completion of the end of internship forms.

Filling out these forms is a condition for admission to the internship discussion session. Without completion of these two steps, the booklet cannot be sent to the commission for discussion.

It is advisable to consult the completion and delivery procedure on the professional internship page.

Last modified 18 July 2022