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Other funding

Pharmaceutical and pharmacological research is also supported by private foundations, industry associations and other institutions. Below is a list of who they are and for which projects our Department is receiving funding.

  • AIRC Trideo: Turn-off the IDO in cancer immunotherapy: in silico-driven multicomponent synthesis of small molecule inhibitors (team leader Prof. Tracey Pirali)
  • Assobiotec: Development of a Study and Research Centre for health biotechnology and the Biotech sector (team leader Prof. Claudio Jommi)
  • ATS Fortilat: Optimization of membrane separation processes for the concentration of donkey milk and its proteins (team leader Prof. Marco Arlorio)
  • Azienda ULSS n. 20 Verona: Budget Impact analysis (team leader Claudio Jommi)
  • Fondazione Buzzi: Pre-clinical evaluation of novel therapies for malignant pleural mesothelioma (team leader Prof. Laura Moro)
  • Fondazione Comunità Novarese: Production of new rice derivatives and in vitro evaluation of bioavailability and cardioprotection (team leader Prof. Marco Arlorio)
  • Fondazione Generali: New prospects for restoring brain development in Down Syndrome (team leader Prof. Mariagrazia Grilli)
  • Telethon: Role of SAP-mediated inhibition of DGKa in regulating restimulation induced cell death (RICD): does DGKa taregting rescue RICD in XLP patients? (team leader Prof. Gian Cesare Tron)
  • Università di Napoli Federico II: Encapsulation of active ingredients for the improvement of food quality and safety (team leader Prof. Marco Arlorio)
  • Karo Bio Sweden: Mechanism characterisation of ERbeta in mesothelioma and ovarian cancer (team leader Prof. Laura Moro).

Last modified 15 July 2022