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VOL – Online recording of exam marks

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A T T E N T I O N !!!  The time for accepting / refusing an exam mark is now reduced to 3 days, unlike the indications in the attached guidelines file.

Bookings for exams must be made online.

You must be up to date with the payment of fees! The system also proceeds with the control of any eligibility aspects (warning: there is no blocking in the booking phase).

Marks from any exams taken not in compliance with the prerequisite rules will be cancelled.

From 1 January 2019, students can take the same exam no more than three times in a calendar year.

Absence from the exam session is still recorded but is not counted in the number of registrations allowed in the year.

Cancel your booking for the session if you do not intend to show up !!!

Rejected marks, insufficient marks and "withdrawn" status are counted.

The block on subsequent bookings is automatically inserted into the system and cannot be removed.

Therefore, a student who does not pass the same exam or results as "withdrawn" 3 times in the same year cannot re-enrol for the exam and must wait for the following year.

Attached are the guidelines (VOL = online registration) which explain all the necessary steps to register for full exams, partial exams, view the results notice board, etc.

Please read them carefully!

Fill out the course evaluation forms at the end of the course!

If necessary, write an email to: using your institutional email, specifying which degree programme you are enrolled in, the code and precise name of the course and the problem.


Due to very close dates of the exams in the different sessions, booking is allowed in chronological order and unfortunately with very limited windows.

This is to prevent a student from registering for all possible dates of the session and not being cancelled from subsequent bookings once the exam has been passed.

Last modified 15 July 2022