Finanziamenti delle fondazioni

La ricerca dell'UPO vive anche grazie al sostegno delle fondazioni bancarie, in particolare la Compagnia di San Paolo e la Fondazione Cariplo. Di seguito i progetti finanziati al DSF.


Bando 2014:

  • Synthesis and characterization of TRPV1 channel modulators as skin-cleavable softdrugs. An innovative strategy for the management of refractory dermatological diseases (resp. scientifico prof.ssa Tracey Pirali)
  • Biosurfactant-based coatings for the inhibition of microbial adhesion on materials for medical use: experimental models, functionalization strategies and potential applications (resp. scientifico prof.ssa Letizia Fracchia)
  • New boronated sugars and their incorporation in functional nanocarriers for a breakthrough in neutron capture therapy (resp. scientifico prof. Luigi Panza)

Bando 2012:

  • Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyl Transferase NAMPT Inhibitors As Potential Chemotherapeutic Agents (resp. scientifico prof. Armando Genazzani)


Bando 2018 "Economia circolare: ricerca per un futuro sostenibile"

  • High added-value bioactive polyphenols recovered from waste of olive oil production. resp scientifico prof.  Michela Bosetti

Bando 2016 "Ricerca biomedica condotta da giovani ricercatori":

  • Deciphering molecular aspects of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA repair to disclose its role in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis in humans (resp. scientifico dr. Riccardo Miggiano)

Bando 2015 "Ricerca biomedica condotta da giovani ricercatori":

  • Discovery of new PI3Kgamma scaffold activity disruptor via molecular dynamics, virtual screening and click chemistry to identify novel treatments for cystic fibrosis (resp. scientifico dr. Alberto Massarotti)

Bando 2014 "Ricerca biomedica condotta da giovani ricercatori" :

  • Identification of new inflammatory pathways driving liver carcinogenesis (resp. scientifico dott.ssa Elena Riboldi)
  • Role of astroglial calcineurin-mediated signaling in Alzheimer's disease (resp. scientifico dr. Dmitry Lim)

Bando 2013 "Ricerca scientifica in ambito biomedico" :

  • Epigenetic basis for infection and persistence of human papillomavirus: identification and characterization of ubiquitin-based modifications involved in chromatin remodelling and cancer progression (resp. scientifico dott.ssa Lorenza Penengo)
  • Shaping and reshaping the synapses: from physiology to Intellectual Disability syndromes (resp. scientifico prof. Pier Luigi Canonico)
  • Understanding the pathogenesis of oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neurotoxicity (resp. scientifico prof. Armando Genazzani)

Bando 2013 "Ricerca scientifica in materiali avanzati"

  • Multifunctional gold nanoparticles as a platform for new carbohydrate-based vaccines (resp. scientifico prof.ssa Grazia Lombardi)