9 gennaio ore 13.00, settimo appuntamento del ciclo di seminari del DSF: "Real World Evidence: quanto è davvero reale?"

Mercoledì, Gennaio 9, 2019

Mercoledì 9  gennaio settimo appuntamento del Ciclo di Seminari del DSF 2018/19.  L'evento si svolgerà dalle 13:00 alle 13:40 in aula seminari al II piano di l.go Donegani 2 (ex Wild). 

Il talk dal titolo: "Real World Evidence: quanto è davvero reale?" sarà tenuto da Francesco Barone Adesi (UNIUPO-DSF)


According to the British Academy of Medical Sciences, Real-World Evidence (RWE) is the evidence generated from clinically relevant data collected outside of the context of conventional Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT). This includes data available through electronic health records, medical claims, drug and disease registries, patient lifestyle-related activities and health-monitoring devices. RWE studies are regarded as complementary to RCT in the generation of scientific evidence. For example, results of RWE studies have usually a larger generalizability, because they often involve subjects that would not be recruited in RCT. However, several methodological challenges should be considered when interpreting findings based on RWE studies. In particular, the observational design of these studies makes them more vulnerable to bias and confounding than RCT. The seminar illustrates some limitations in the evaluation of drug safety and effectiveness through RWE studies and proposes possible solutions to mitigate them.​

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