21 luglio Seminari del DSF: "Bioreactors. The Power of Dynamic Culture and Automation”

Mercoledì, Luglio 21, 2021

Mercoledì 21 luglio dalle 13:00 alle 13:40 appuntamento con i Seminari del DSF: "Bioreactors. The Power of Dynamic Culture and Automation”.

Il webinar è tenuto da Diana Massai (PolitoBIOMed Lab-DIMEAS), per seguirlo collegarsi al seguente link  meet.google.com/qhn-xyuh-vie


Bioreactors are culture devices designed for providing defined biochemical and physical stimuli to promote in vitro the development of biological processes under closely monitored and controlled conditions. By providing a 3D culture environment, tunable dynamic culture, and automation, bioreactors represent effective technological tools for overcoming the limitations of conventional 2D static culture. Their use leads to improved biological processes in terms of safety, reproducibility, efficiency, and scalability for both basic investigation and manufacturing applications. In the seminar, the advantages of using a bioreactor will be described, with particular focus on bioreactors for cell expansion and tissue maturation.

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