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Library books are divided into:

• exam preparation and further reading texts, recommended by the teachers in their courses

• major reference works (European Pharmacopoeia, Italian Pharmacopoeia, Martindale, The Complete Drug Reference, Merk Index, thematic encyclopedias, Pharmaceutical Yearbooks, Medicamenta, dictionaries (linguistic, technical-scientific, etc.)

The books are constantly being implemented with the latest editions and are almost all available for loan.

All books are placed on open shelves, directly accessible to users, and are classified with the National Library of Medicine Classification. The location label is made up of an alphanumeric code that represents the material and the position of the volume inside it.

Attached you will find the map for location of the books on the shelf.

It is easy to identify the books for reference only: they have a blue sticker attached to the back.

If you have trouble finding your way among the sections, ask the librarian at the desk.

To find out which books the library owns, consult the online catalogue BiblioUpo.


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Last modified 18 July 2022